How to place an order on

Step 1

To place an order on our online store you must first register, you can then choose your items by clicking on the small baskets next to each photo and indicate the desired quantity. To register you just have to fill in the fields of the registration form. You will receive a confirmation email from our operator after verification of your data.

Step 2

After validation of your account, you will be able to surf on, you will have access to all the prices, you will also be able to compare our different products. Each time you want to buy a product you will just have to indicate the different options (quantity, color...) and click on the button "Add to cart".

Step 3

As soon as you wish to place an order, you just have to click on your basket at the top right of your page and fill in the requested information (billing, delivery, payment method...).

Step 4

Once your order is validated you will receive a confirmation email with all your products.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.