Stella Green : Wholesaler jewelry and accessories 100% resellers

Our vision is to combine the competence of the local professional that you are with that of an online ordering platform backed by our industrial production site. Thus, we have massively invested these last months in human and technical means to bring you the best service on a daily basis. Stella Green proves today its capacity to anticipate, to adapt and to innovate by presenting more and more solutions, products and services: ultra tight prices and deadlines.

That's why our prices on are only accessible by users with a verified account. Each registration is methodically studied and contacted to confirm the information of our customers.

Who and for whom Stella Green is for

Professional resellers

- Hair accessories

- Fashion jewelry

- Beauty salon accessories

- Fashion fantasies

- Ready-to-wear accessories

Consumer Targets

- Fashion jewelry and accessories for women

- Fashion jewelry and accessories for teenagers

- Fashion jewelry and accessories for kids

- Jewelry and fashion accessories Ethnic

- jewelry and fashion accessories Working Girl

Types of products

- Metal Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

- Jewelry and fashion accessories in Crystal

- Plastic Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

- Animal fashion jewelry and accessories

- Rings, Necklaces, Necklace, Earrings, Hoop earrings, clips, headband, headband, clips, window clips, scrunchie