• The Agate
  • The Amethyst
  • Lapis lazuli
  • The Silver Metal or Silver
  • The crystal
  • Rutile Inclusion Quartz


Agate is a variety of chalcedony which is characterized by successive deposits of different colors or tones: it is a fine stone.

There are several varieties with red, green, yellow, blue or black colorations.

It has the property to bring peace, understanding and contentment, it soothes and calms the areas where energy accumulates in the body.

L'agate est une pierre fine utilisées dans nos bijoux. Découvrez ces vertus.


It is a variety of quartz colored by iron. This mineral is used in jewelry and classified as a stone. Amethyst maintains balance in situations.

It encourages self-control, calms the emotions and helps with meditation and sleep.

L'améthyste, pierre utilisée pour des bijoux Stella Green

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is best known as an ornamental stone, opaque, usually blue in color, between azure and ultramarine. Its use is very old, dating back 7000 years. This stone is associated with truth and justice, but it also supports the throat and upper chest while helping communication and meditation.

Lapis Lazuli est une pierre bleue utilisées dans les temps en anciens. Découvrez nos bijoux Stella Green

Silver Metal

Silver has been valued and used for thousands of years, it is found in its native state or more often here under a mass of silver threads. It facilitates the circulation of energy in the body and purifies it of its impurities. It improves fertility, facilitates movement and prevents imperfections.

Quels sont les vertus du métal argenté, ou argent ? Découvrez nos bijoux Stella Green


The rock crystal is the curative and energetic amplifier, it protects from radiations, bad waves and allows the body to regenerate itself.

It purifies, amplifies the aura and facilitates astral travel. On the spiritual level, it protects from evil, removes harmful influences, purifies the soul, helps to develop the gift and shows the way to achieve the goal we have set.

Le cristal, une pierre utilisée pour les bijoux. Mais quels sont ces bienfaits ?

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Rutile inclusion quartz (Hair of venus)

The Rutile inclusion quartz comes straight from Brazil, the originality of this mineral comes from the fact that it is a little elevated from its matrix, which allows to see part of the Rutile in the open air. It removes obstacles, promotes tissue welding, relaxes tense muscles and alleviates bad moods.

Le quartz à rutiles ou cheveux de venus, est une pierre utilisée pour les bijoux. Découvrez ces bienfaits

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